3D designs 

Here I have found some images of 3D design through packaging from the book: Print and production finishes for CD+DVD Packaging. Packaging is probably one of the most recognisable styles of 3D design and can have some beautiful effects as shown below.

Designed by John Gilsenan for Buzzin’ fly
Designed by Cristina Portella and Yomar Augusto for Warner Music Brasil

3D Graphic Design

3D design comes in many forms from on screen animations to packaging designs and way finding. I particularly like how on screen animations bring does not replicate reality but rather, enhances it in such a way that it sparks intrigue and imagination.2F5gHa63UgyzE5g2ZkPTxH-650-80

Andre Caputo

Itabibs Milkshakes
The hyper-realistic 3D depiction of the food items within the name is a great example of 3D design.


3D Graphic Design Together design UK
This particular design was produced around the idea of a trophy being created from a single drop hitting the still cider, which could not have been done without the use of 3D animation.

Working process ideas

These are some of our ideas for our Design process. At first we where looking at filter ideas but when it came to the mock up we found that it was really had to depict, so we decided to go for the Christmas tree idea. 

Group Design Process


This week we were put in groups of 3 and 4 and we had to work together to create a group working process. We had a few disagreements to begin with as is expected but we soon found a way that would work well for all of us.